Updated on Dec 13th 2020

Hello, fellow Slow TV fans! 👋

My name is Cristiano, I'm a designer & developer who for a few years has been in love with the concept of Slow TV, but not doing much about it.

Since the beginning of the COVID pandemic, I started gathering YouTube Channels specialized in this content and I was impressed with how there was so much more than I ever thought! So along with a friend, we started sketching ideas for a website to help popularize Slow TV and help all the quarantined people around the world feel better.

We want to create this with you. We've created this quick survey to gather ideas from you about what would make a great app for you 😊 It takes approximately 10 minutes, but your contribution here will help us so much!

If you haven't answered it yet:

→ Survey link


1. Habits

User goals

"It's meditative. It can get my creative juices flowing. The moving picture stimulates my brain, without invading my thoughts. My mind is able to fly free in a state of flow."

"I like seeing tech used in a way that encourages reflection and calm living."

"I suffer from anxiety and this is a method of calming down or remaining calm in times of stress."

"It started with tours around cities I want to visit, but it's also just good unwind watching."

"There is something relaxing and hypnotic about watching something unfurl at its own pace"

"It's practically a public service in the Age of COVID, eh?"