Remember when you wandered around with friends? How the feeling of moving and slowly changing scenery was the perfect background for wonderful conversations?

Remember the feeling of walking in a park? Of roaming the streets of a different city? Of going on a road trip or riding a bike around? Remember how all those things opened our minds and helped us reflect on life itself?

But right now the place we live in is the center of our routines

We are all confined in the same rooms, limited to the same noises that come from the streets and window view. And our social gatherings suffer from that too. We seek protection from real life on TV, social media, Netflix, and end up oppressed by shows that demand too much of our attention, by algorithms that explore us, by commercial narratives that crush the stories in our minds.

Remember when you turned the TV on to decompress? Or let it on when friends and family came over to your place? But do you also remember how the TV was needy and stole all of your attention? It hypnotized everyone, ruined all the conversation topics, and then took advantage of all the attention to shove useless ads on your faces.

Quarantine gave us a unique opportunity to explore our personal worlds. But it also took along anguish and anxiety, which pushes us to seek soothing in any distraction attainable.

Our attention is one of the most precious gifts we own, and we've got to invest it in experiences that make us feel good. Let yourself explore the world again. Let your mind wander. Let's explore new places, new surroundings, new sounds, and visions.

This is a tribute to attention.

This is a collection of possibilities to let your mind wander. It is a garden of endless discoveries and pleasant surprises within the safeness of your own backyard.

This is an experience dearly curated by human beings. We swept the World Wide Web to collect only the best adventures. For each video selected, ten other videos weren't.

This is at the speed of life. And as in life, it doesn't come with buttons for pausing, fast-forwarding, or skipping. You make a decision regarding which channel to watch and then accept what the universe brings you. Just like in real life.

There are no readymade stories at Escapista, your mind is in charge of creating them instead. It is like a meditative immersion, a background for your life to happen.